1. NFC Forum Tag Types - RFIDCARD.com
    20/11/2018 @ 11:56

    […] latest NFC Type 5 specification was released on 2015, which is based on the RFID technology defined by the ISO/IEC 15693 specification. ISO/IEC 15693 specification was originally […]

  2. What is the difference between RFID and NFC - RFIDCARD.com
    20/11/2018 @ 12:10

    […] RFID(radio frequency identification) and NFC (near field communication) adopts radio signals for all sorts of tagging and tracking […]

  3. NFC and Bluetooth Comparison - RFIDCARD.com
    20/11/2018 @ 16:25

    […] is compatible with existing passive RFID (13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 18000-3) infrastructures, which similar to the Bluetooth V4.0 low-energy […]

  4. The Similarities and Difference between RFID, Barcode and QR code - RFIDCARD.com
    07/12/2018 @ 12:12

    […] Radio Frequency Identification(RFID), QR Codes, barcodes and are typically systems for conveying massive amounts of data into a small format. They offer speed, labor savings and cost effective, among other benefits. […]

  5. One-stop RFID Shop
    15/01/2019 @ 12:11

    […] the past 10 years, RFID has brought immeasurable changes in the field of activity in Europe and the United States, but the […]

  6. One-stop RFID Shop
    21/01/2019 @ 11:19

    […] neurological bat lab at Tel Aviv University is using RFID technology to understand the behavior of bats to help human thinking research. The solution to track bats in […]

  7. One-stop RFID Shop
    12/02/2019 @ 20:02

    […] Radio frequency identification has many different uses in the oil and gas sector. The most common is to increase the visibility of inventory and supply chains. This article will show you how to use RFID to improve safety in oil and gas applications. […]

  8. RFID system for cattle identification - RFIDCARD.com
    13/02/2019 @ 12:11

    […] JMC introduced a radio frequency identification (RFID) system for identifying and marking stray cattle and cows across the city. With this system, the […]

  9. Medical market demand for RFID - RFIDCARD.com
    13/02/2019 @ 19:09

    […] Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that uses radio frequency waves to identify and track tags attached to […]

  10. Ski resort introduces RFID technology - RFIDCARD.com
    14/02/2019 @ 19:14

    […] resort wanted to design an RFID pass that could be stored on a rechargeable card and add a credit card for elevator access to the […]

  11. Advantages of RFID technology in retail - RFIDCARD.com
    19/02/2019 @ 14:05

    […] RFID is a cross-industry technology that uses small tags or chips to transmit signals to remote scanners. In retail, we typically associate RFID with product labels for inventory control and loss prevention. These tags use passive RFID technology. Passive tags have no internal power source. They are powered by electromagnetic energy transmitted by an RFID reader. […]

  12. New Zealand Timaru Library introduces RFID technology - RFIDCARD.com
    20/02/2019 @ 11:26

    […] Zealand’s Timaru Library has installed a new RFID system that allows for faster turnaround and self-checking facilities. In order to upgrade the […]

  13. Ikea's Adopt RFID Technology - RFIDCARD.com
    25/02/2019 @ 16:59

    […] In the future, Ikea’s demo store still gives its total catalog for clients, but in a virtual setting. The Swedish furniture retailer create a digital experience in a physical world by using augmented reality. It achieves mainly by RFID technology. […]

  14. UNIQLO announced the introduction of RFID tags in 3000 stores worldwide during the year - RFIDCARD.com
    26/02/2019 @ 16:16

    […] fast-fashion giant and the parent company of Uniqlo, recently announced that it will introduce RFID (radio frequency identification) electronics at its 3,000 stores a year worldwide, including 2000 […]

  15. RFID technology successful on garment industry - RFIDCARD.com
    04/03/2019 @ 18:22

    […] mainly because collection of the standardized data was difficult.However, with the introduction of RFID chips into clothing, now it is possible to track how often clothes are worn, purchased and […]

  16. Zara Uses RFID Technology in Its First Online Only Store - RFIDCARD.com
    06/03/2019 @ 12:28

    […] system. This system can adjust several items of suitable size, when clients scan products by using radio frequency identification (RFID) […]

  17. RFID Technology is Applied to the Daily Operations of FedEx Express - RFIDCARD.com
    07/03/2019 @ 12:11

    […] What is RFID? Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes target objects and reads related data through radio frequency signals. The identification process can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention. RFID technology can identify high-speed objects and can identify multiple labels at the same time. […]

  18. Internet of Health Thing - RFIDCARD.com
    13/03/2019 @ 19:21

    […] identification techniques such as RFID tags can help provide this connection. For medical device manufacturers, automatic identification […]

  19. Application of Artificial Intelligence Based on RFID Technology in the Field of Healthcare - RFIDCARD.com
    26/03/2019 @ 19:44

    […] a project to use artificial intelligence to improve medical diagnosis and prognosis; data from RFID systems can help achieve these types of […]

  20. Race-Timing develops an RFID-based app – Entry - RFIDCARD.com
    27/03/2019 @ 20:41

    […] UK-based racing services company has developed an RFID-based data management system for its sporting events, the Entry App, which gives it the flexibility […]

  21. Retailer XXL USES RFID technology to improve efficiency - RFIDCARD.com
    29/03/2019 @ 20:15

    […] RFID is short for radio frequency identification, which is a wireless technology that transmits data through electromagnetic fields, making it possible to identify and track objects. When it comes to delivery, the RFID chip can be placed in the shipping label. […]

  22. India: RFID system will be implemented in all hospitals in Andhra Pradesh - RFIDCARD.com
    23/05/2019 @ 18:32

    […] Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems are reported to be implemented during maternal and child production in all government hospitals in the state, and implementation of the system may prevent theft or exchange of neonatal events. […]

  23. From Barcode to RFID - RFIDCARD.com
    27/05/2019 @ 18:12

    […] that has existed for a long time. Barcodes have been ubiquitous in the business world long before RFID became popular. But now, retailers (and perhaps other industries) are in the midst of a transition […]